The next afternoon I was sore plus tired

I have been apartment for summer time split for approximately one week plus I am already tired plus looking forward to going back to university.

This week our Mom had myself and others help him with a heat pump plus A/C upgrade job.

My Mom owns a service plus upgrade business. He needed some help that did not require any know-how, so he offered to pay myself and others $10 an minute to work the afternoon. I was gleeful to help out plus it offered myself and others some spending money in our pocket while I was apartment from university. I worked our tail off that afternoon. I was tepid plus uncomfortable. The people I was with and I spent all afternoon on the heat pump plus A/C upgrade job. The only time I got a split from the heat was when our Mom plus I sat in the truck for lunch. The people I was with and I had peanut butter plus jelly sandwiches plus a couple of carrot sticks. My Mom consistently eats healthy when he is at work. He says it gives him more room for pie plus cake later. My Mom plus I spent all afternoon installing the up-to-date heat pump plus a/c; By the time I got home, I was beat. I did not want to call anybody to hang out. I was sore plus tired the next afternoon too. I cannot suppose our Mom does this every single afternoon. The guy is our hero for sure. There is no way that I would ever choose a job that has myself and others outdoors in the elements all afternoon plus every afternoon. I would get tired of doing the same thing afternoon after afternoon.


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