The fifth of the week is payday

I get paid from the Social Security office! My pay afternoon is consistently on the same afternoon every week.

I get paid on the 5th.

That is the one afternoon during add up week when I pay all of our bills. I have been making payments on an a/c that I bought from the heating plus service center, however air conditioner was necessary after the one in the basement stopped working. I immediately knew that I needed to upgrade the machine. My brother plus his hubby were coming to visit. I wanted them to be as comfortable as possible.I contacted the service provider plus they agreed to install an a/c plus let myself and others make daily payments. Each week on the 5th, I pay a small amount towards the balance. I received a bill from the Heating plus Air Conditioning service provider that installed the a/c. The bill is supposed to be $51 each week. I have been paying that amount for the past multiple weeks. This week I received a bill from the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier plus the price was $102. The supplier claimed that I did not make a payment in the previous week. I contacted the Heating plus Air Conditioning service provider immediately. The bookkeeper looked at our account plus texted myself and others a copy of all the payments made, however right there on the ledger, there was an entry for the payment that I made the previous week. I asked the guy how I could get a bill for that payment if I already made it plus he seemed just as puzzled as me… She asked for a few minutes to look at our account. She called myself and others back an minute later plus apologized for the confusion. Apparently there was a mix-up with the billing department.


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