The temperature in the grocery store was almost 80

It was almost 80° inside of the grocery store on Wednesday, when I went to opportunity up all of our items from the store.

I was supposed to go through the line on the side of the building, but there were cars filling the parking lot.

I did not want to wait for a spot. I went into the store & I I told the manager that I was there to opportunity up our groceries. She instructed me to go to an area near the back of the store where they were also doing grocery pick-up. I immediately noticed the temperature inside of the store as I walked past the bread, milk, & eggs. It was warm & uncomfortable. Even in the area near the freezers, the temperature seems to be warm! When I got back to the area where the grocery pick-up was located, I made a comment about the indoor temperature. The lady behind the counter told me that they recently decided to change the indoor temperature of all stores in the region. Instead of lowering the un-even temperatures to make customers more comfortable, the executives decided it would be more cost-effective for the company to raise the indoor temperature by more than one degrees; You might not feel there is a large difference between 72 degrees & 73 degrees, but obviously it is noticeable because I felt the temperature change. I told the lady behind the counter that I hoped that was not going to be a change that would stick around & she just shrugged her shoulders & nodded.

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