I needed the HVAC duct to be sealed

Problems with the indoor air can come from the HVAC duct.

The HVAC duct is a closed network, but it can be infiltrated by poor maintenance & vermin. A client contacted me last week. She had a concern with mice inside of her HVAC duct. The client was frantic, because she did not want droppings from the mice to end up in her home. I recommended sealing the duct work & sanitizing all of the surfaces. This is a repair that both of us offer to all of our Heating & Air Conditioning customers. The lady agreed to the repair appointment & both of us set her up for a few afternoons later. I was on the job with more than one additional crew members. Both of us went to the attic where the HVAC duct was Loki. I tried to find a way into the back of the attic area, but it was impossible. I searched the HVAC duct up front & I saw some visible signs of mice. After that, I commanded that both of us put a special chemical inside of the HVAC duct that seals all of the holes automatically. The glue particles stick to the surfaces inside of the Heating & Air Conditioning plan & the HVAC duct. This creates a barrier of protection & fills in all of the cracks & crevices. After the glue has time to dry, both of us disinfect all of the surfaces with a special sanitizing solution. It gets rid of 99.9% of all the germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, & mildew. It is 1 of the most advanced systems on the market. Both of us are 1 of the only companies offering this glue polymer technology.


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