The bags of ice melted quickly in the hot sun

My family and I decided to go camping for the Memorial Day holiday.

We rented a cabin at a campground with a lake and plenty of room for fishing.

I was particularly excited about the trip, because I bought a new canoe and I wanted to try it out on the lake. The campground was packed when we arrived on Friday afternoon. We waited in line for 15 minutes, before we were checked in. The process was slow and painful, but they wouldn’t let us into the campground until we were properly registered. They asked us for a lot of different identification and they wanted a copy of our insurance and our drivers license. It seemed like a lot of paperwork for a weekend of camping. They also made us pay a $300 deposit for the cabin. We checked into the cabin and the kids got settled upstairs in the loft area. They thought it was really neat to sleep upstairs. Our house only has one level. During our first night in the cabin, the air conditioner stopped working. I tried to call the ranger station, but no one picked up. There wasn’t even an emergency phone number for after-hours problems. We spent all night without any air conditioning and the temperatures were in the 90s during the day. We had two bags of ice in a cooler and some living room. They quickly melted due to the lack of air conditioning in the cabin that night. As soon as the office and ranger station were open in the morning, my wife and I went to the office to complain about our air conditioner.

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