Unreliable service technicians make the job harder

I spent 15 years of my career working as a heating and air conditioner repair technician.

I love the job, but I was physically on able to continue working on repairs.

The owner of the company put me in a management spot. I still go out into the field every once in a while, but mostly I handle paperwork and all of the accounts. I have to make a schedule for all of the service technicians week by week. I get a lot of complaints about the schedule, especially when it gets closer to the summer months. Summer is absolutely the worst time of the year to request days off when you work in the air conditioner repair field. Every day during the summer is busy. I try to limit the number of guys on vacation at a time. Only one person can request it. I have two guys that have become pretty close friends. Their families spend a lot of time together. Both guys asked for Memorial Day weekend off and I told them that only one of them could have the weekend. I left it up to the guys to decide. Jack told me he was going to take the weekend off and Paul was going to work. Neither one of the guys showed up on Saturday. I was really afraid something like that might happen and my suspicions were confirmed when neither one of the guys came to work. They didn’t even bother to call with an excuse. They could have at least lied and tried to tell me that they were sick. I tried calling both of the guys several times throughout the weekend, but neither one of them answered the phone.


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