Without power, we had no AC or refrigerator

Summer storms can be a real pain in the butt, especially if you aren’t prepared.

  • I remember one of the first years that my wife and I spent down South.

We had seen lots of thunderstorms and blizzard conditions that would knock a yeti on their butt. We still weren’t prepared for the heat, humidity, and tropical storms of the South. The tropical storms were probably the worst. Even though we had lots of time to prepare for the storms, they were worse than anything I’ve ever seen. The wind and the rain were forces of nature that I would never want to tangle with. My family and I lost power an hour after the storm started. We weren’t prepared for losing our power. We did not have a generator. Without power in the house, we could not run the refrigerator or the freezer. We could not run any of the electrical outlets and we could not use the water heater or the air conditioner. I personally think not having an air conditioner is the worst part about not having any power during a summer storm. The rain makes it hot and humid and the storms bring out all of the bugs. I don’t want to sit outside where the mosquitoes and flies are buzzing, but sitting inside of the house without the air conditioner running is taking a chance with heat stroke. After that first storm, we absolutely learned our lesson. We went to the hardware store and purchased a generator that was large enough to power all of the items in that house that were important to us. It only took one summer storm without power for the two of us to realize that we weren’t prepared for the South as much as we expected.



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