The shipping company did not respond

I retired from working in a Manufacturing Company where I was the head engineer.

I can solve a lot of different problems and I have knowledge on machines as well as electronics. When the ductless AC unit in the garage stopped working, my first inclination was to take the machine apart and fix it myself. I installed the machine on my own and I was positively certain that I could make it to the repair on my own too. I determined which part was faulty. Ordering the part turned out to be the trickiest part of the whole process. It’s really difficult to get your hands on parts for HVAC equipment if you are not a certified and authorized dealer. The parts companies don’t want any person attempting to fix their own heat pump or air conditioner. I found a company online that supplied the part that I needed for the ductless AC unit. I ordered the part and paid for express shipping. I did not select the most expensive shipping option. I selected the second most expensive shipping option. The parts for my ductless AC unit should have arrived on Tuesday. When they did not, I contacted the company to find out when the shipment would arrive. The shipping company did not answer the phone. It was after hours, so I left a message. I did not receive a phone call at all the next day. The following day I contacted the shipping company again. This time I called and called until I got someone on the phone. It took 17 calls before I got the shipping company to finally respond.