My bill was shocking

My husband and I own a business that primarily operates remotely.

Even still, we have one corporate office downtown that runs in person.

Earlier this year, we had a problem with the furnace. When we consulted with an HVAC technician, he told us that the whole thing needed to be replaced. My husband handles the financial side of our business, so he spoke with the HVAC company regarding a cost for the new furnace and installation. When the HVAC technician showed up to our business, he had the wrong furnace. It took a few days to clear up this mishap, but we were forgiving. Afterall, we really just wanted to have heat in our office and a furnace that was reliable! Because we have a commercial account, we pay each month & acquire an invoice. I was surprised by the invoice that I received from the oil furnace replacement company. My husband had mentioned a price tag that was multiple thousands of dollars lower than the invoice. When I showed it to my husband, he immediately called the owner & operator of the oil furnace replacement contracting corporation. The HVAC company had to give him the number of his bookkeeper. Apparently, the owner doesn’t play as much of an active role in the financial side of his business as my husband and I do. It turns out that the bill was so high because the HVAC company had listed the price of both furnaces. We couldn’t believe it! It took some time to sort it out, but we eventually got the second furnace taken off of our bill.
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