The massive size of the ductworks

Most young men grow up enjoying baseball or football with their dad, however not me.

I was raised by my Uncle Ray, and he was a devoted fan of pro wrestling.

He was 1 of those old-school fans who still thought it was real, and when I was young I believed it, too. I am older now, and Uncle Ray has passed, however I still have a soft spot in my heart for pro wrestling. I don’t think it’s real, I just think it’s fun to watch! Whenever a wrestling show comes through the sports location I typically check it out. I work there as an HVAC tech, so I can come in and watch the show for free from up in the catwalk. If you have never seen an industrial sized HVAC system, the kind they use in these large sports sites, you would be astounded. Our entire room is covered with what appears to be a small town worth of air handlers, A/C units, heat pumps, and ductwork. Both of us have a map posted in the office, so that new employees don’t get lost when trying to navigate the ductwork because it is just that massive and complicated. I don’t need the map, of course, I have been for a while and believe all of the ductworks prefer the back of my hand. My focus is mostly on ductwork, and checking it for cracks and sealant. Both of us use so much a/c in this building that just 1 cracked ductwork can cost us hundreds of dollars per day.
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