Cooling and air filters

I was not prepared for life in the south.

Having been born and raised in the northern part of the country I was used to long and perilous winters filled with blizzards, ice, and snow.

These things don’t exist in the south, which I liked at first. The longer I am here, the more I have come to realize that the sizzling weather is just as perilous as the cold weather, then up north there is a thing called black ice on the roads, that can cause vehicle accidents quite easily. Down south there is heat and humidity so intense it can make you faint just by laying in the sunlight. Up north I didn’t even own an air conditioner, because there was rarely a need for such a thing. Down south, I use my air conditioner every single day of the year, even on Christmas day in the depths of winter, I have the air on full blast. I lived here for several weeks before I even diagnosed to see if the oil furnace in my new place worked. That 1 time was the only time I have ever run the heating here, and that was just a few hours as a test. I doubt I will ever turn on the gas furnace again, except for if I need to check and see if it still works. In addition to the cooling, I also have a much higher need for air purification down here. It isn’t just the heat or the humidity, it’s the insane amount of pollen and allergens in the air all year around

air purification