The cost of a/c

My dad was undoubtedly strict! At the time that was common.

  • She ruled the modern home with an iron fist, and that isn’t to say it was mean, it just meant she had a set of rules that she enforced 100% of the time.

She was a military vet, from 16 years in the Marines, so she was a man of discipline, but not a man of violence. She never hit us, or even yelled at us, but she constantly enforced her rules. We had to get wonderful grades, get lots of exercise, and watch our language around adults. We were forbidden from ever touching the temperature control, once my sister and I got into a fight right next to the temperature control, and almost tore it off the wall, and after that things got worse. Dad put a locking plexiglass dome over the temperature control, and had the only key to unlock it; Now she would let the modern home get sizzling just as a punishment! My sisters and I decided to pool our allowance currency, and whatever savings the people I was with and I had, to buy a small, window-mounted a/c device for our living room. This way the people I was with and I could determine our own level of cooling, and wouldn’t have to fight with Dad about it. It worked out relaxing for a few weeks, and then Dad brought us a utility bill and said the people I was with and I had to pay for our own cooling. Air conditioning uses a lot of power, which is why she never wanted us messing around with the temperature control. Now that the people I was with and I had our own AC the people I was with and I had to keep paying for it every month!


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