My newest HVAC employee

I found a new employee while getting lunch the other day. I stopped by the local fast food place and went inside to order. The young lady who took my order was funny and smart, and we chatted a little bit as my food came up. Her manager appeared and started to berate her about some mistake she had made earlier. I interrupted the angry man, and handed the young woman my business card. I told her “if you want to get out of this dead end job and find real work, think about getting into the HVAC industry. Call me.” She called me an hour later, having just quit her job, and asked about how she could become an HVAC tech and start building a real career for herself. I am always on the lookout for smart young people to join my HVAC team, and let me tell you why. This is an industry that has long been dominated by rich white men, and HVAC companies need to start being more diverse. This isn’t about being “politically correct” it’s about knowing that if HVAC companies don’t hire more women it weakens them and makes them look bad! My newest recruit has zero HVAC experience, but she is smart, she is ready to work, and she knows this is a good opportunity. It is also a good opportunity for me, because she will be my first female HVAC tech. Some of my clients would be much more comfortable with a female HVAC tech coming into their home, and now we can help them.

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