Mini chop HVAC for the shed

When our husband plus I moved down south the people I was with and I obtained a home with a crucial backyard shed… Unluckyly our husband is a bit of a packrat.

I told him that the people I was with and I couldn’t share the space plus I needed a spot to labor out.

I got the shed plus he started building his own. His storage shed shares a wall with mine, but is completely separate. The people I was with and I each have our own door, window plus area; My shed I have truly invested in to make nice. I got the floor brick redone, repainted the walls plus added new lights. I also invested in a ductless mini split. I couldn’t sit working out without heating plus cooling. I require some HVAC most of the year! Adding a mini chop was costly but worth it. The outdoor device sits next to the shed plus I have an indoor air handler mounted on the wall. I have a smart thermostat that I can control right from our iPhone. Adding another indoor air handler to the outdoor device would be straight-forward. Also, our husband’s shed shares a wall. The people I was with and I are so close together. I have told him he should get HVAC for his space. The humidity plus moisture is going to ruin his tools. He truly needs AC. My husband’s shed is never quite done though. The space is completely airtight plus the floor is just plywood. I don’t think he is ever going to finish. I should have been the a single to build a shed plus he should have taken the finished space.


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