Getting heated flooring in my dream home office

I am in the midst of redoing my home office. I have taken weeks to just system on how I want the home office laid out. I wanted more counter space around my stove. That was my goal. I thought moving the stove to a new wall might be the solution. Then I thought about moving a doorway. Then I thought about switching the stove to just a cooktop plus an oven elsewhere. I finally settled on my layout plus obtained custom wood lodgeets. I have quartz countertops coming in as well. I have spared no expense for my dream home office. I wanted to have some style of heating in there since it gets chilly in the wintertime. For years I relied on a ventless oil furnace that took up floor space. It looked ugly, was invasive plus not undoubtedly enjoyable at its task. I ripped it out to get more lower cupboard space. I then ripped up my flooring plus had a Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation put down heated flooring. I now have the furnace underneath my feet. It creates no noise plus doesn’t rise to the ceiling since it isn’t air. It is electric based heat which means no polluted indoor air conditions or chilly spots. The heated flooring system is energy smart, safe plus quite cheap to have in a home office. Right now I just have finished floors, walls plus lights. I have no lodgeets or countertops but I guess my home office is going to be great. Sometimes I just kneel in there to appreciate the heat plus visualize what it will turn out to be.

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