My lanai needs Heating and A/C for my workouts

I have a lanai that I work out every single day, then it is plenty long and tall enough for all of my gymnastic training.

It has a whole wall of screens that can let in a fresh breeze on a hot day, and for most of the year, the lanai is perfect.

I wake up, eat my dinner, do a bit of work and then work out, during the heart of Summer or winter, the lanai is pretty tough, and the wintertime it gets so cold. I have folding mats that sit on brick that seem to keep the cold. I close the screens but freezing air is let inside. I work out in a sweater, pants and occasionally a hat. I recently invested in a space gas furnace because it was so cold. The space is entirely large and it takes my small heating plan a long time to make a dent. I don’t recognize like waiting around all day to work out too. Typically in the wintertime I just freeze and workout directly in front of the heater. In the summertime I need to force myself to get up early and earlier. I don’t want to work out when it is over 71 degrees. I only have a box fan, no AC, to keep myself and others cool, but so if I get up early enough, I can work out when it is in the low 70s. That makes for a pleasant workout where I can get things done. If I am lazy in bed or work too late in the day, after that every one of us am suffering through my whole workout. I think the solution is to invest in a Heating and A/C device. It just will be quite costly to get installed.


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