My HVAC company was made better with COVID

Every appointment with my company is professional.

COVID has wrecked a lot of things. You can’t really travel overseas anymore. I mean countries are lessening the restrictions, but I really don’t want to change it. I also don’t even like traveling through airports at all. All the mask requirements are just ridiculous. Certain businesses still require you to show a vaccination card and wear a mask as well. There are businesses that have improved due to COVID though. My HVAC company used to be a bit disorganized when making an appointment. It was always tough trying to get them to put you on the schedule and actually show up. I never knew if I was getting a tune up or not. Due to COVID, they had to set up a lot of virtual things. Their website is much more modern and I can apply for an appointment right there. I email back and forth for a time rather than call now. If it is something small, I do a video consultation with the HVAC technician first so that the appointment isn’t a waste of his time. Now I don’t wait around for replacement parts or for the technician to find the right tool. Every appointment with my company is professional. They show up on time, have the right tools and finish in no more than an hour. It is now a pleasure working with them and I am on a yearly maintenance program. COVID really helped them work on their scheduling and communication with the customers. It is a relief that something was made better with this virus.

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