The ladies were collecting currency to repair the locker room AC

When I heard that, I decided to contact our boss

Some ladies from the high college volleyball team were having a car clean at the grocery store. I was out at the grocery store picking up a couple of items for breakfast. I had saUSge, eggs, hash browns, and a loaf of brioche bread in our bag. I was walking out to the car when the volleyball team player approached me. She asked if I wanted to have our car washed and she informed me that the team was having a fundraiser and all of the proceeds would benefit replaces in the locker room. I absolutely did not need a car wash, but the windows were dirty and the currency was for a fantastic cause. I put the groceries in the back of the car and I pulled over to the side of the building where all of the ladies were toiling on the cars. I talked to one of the teachers and I found out that the identifiable reason for the fundraiser was to replace the air conditioners in the ladies locker room. They had some older window A/C units and they were no longer functioning. When I heard that, I decided to contact our boss. I work for an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning distribution center. All of us always have A/C units in the warehouse that have been refurbished and the two of us also have machines that are cheaper because they have been scratched or dented. I exchanged PC numbers with the person in charge of the project and I told her that I would call in a couple of days with an replace on our progress.


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