I didn't have the money to spend my money for the repairs

Last month I called an Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance repair because there was no AC in the home at all. My device is about many or 7 years old. I was of course anxious that the company would provide myself and others exhausting news. I still had to contact the maintenance repair because I didn’t know how to repair the AC on my own. The maintenance repair told myself and others that I needed a brand new motor for the blower. The blower is responsible for forcefully sending the air into the duct work. Without the blower, the air doesn’t easily go anywhere. The cost for the new motor was almost $1,000. I didn’t have $1,000 to spend my money for the repairs. The maintenance company provided myself and others a couple of names of people that give loan services for Heating and Air Conditioning repairs and upgradements. The loan supplier happily provided myself and others a loan for the cost of the new AC blower motor… Unfortunately, they charged myself and others a huge amount of fees for the loan. The interest rate is 26%, the highest interest rate available under our state mods. Each month I have to make a $70 payment to the finance supplier. The terms of the loan are for two years. I am hoping that I will be able to spend my money off the finance supplier before I have to spend my money any more money for fancy Heating and Air Conditioning repairs. The next time I have troubles with the Heating and Air Conditioning unit, I am actually going to need to upgrade the entire system. There’s actually no way I can afford to spend my money $6,000 for a new machine, so I willactually have to get a loan from the same finance supplier when that happens.

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