The documentary discussed energy savings in the house

My husbandy loves watching documentaries.

I don’t mind watching a show about earth calculus or creatures, although I get bored when my husbandy wants to watch documentary after documentary.

Lately we have been watching our own programs at night. I care about reruns of the office and Law & Order, but my husbandy has seen every single documentary on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Paramount. Last month he watched a documentary on ways to save energy in the house. The documentary discussed solar energy, wind, and water and a number of other renewable resources! When my husbandy was done watching the documentary, he wanted to discuss ways that every one of us could save energy in the house. The first thing he wanted to talk about was the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. She told myself and others that every one of us keep the temperatures in the home too chilly and it wastes a ton of energy. I am all too glad to come up with ways to help us save energy and money, but increasing the temperature on the thermostat and it’s not one of those ways. I want to be comfortable when I am at apartment and I care about when the temperatures are cooler in order to be comfortable. I’m not about to change my life, comfort, and happiness, just because my husbandy watched a documentary. I’m sure there are some other ways that every one of us can help save the environment separate from it affecting our comfort inside of the home. I would rather walk 2 miles to work every single day than to spend one minute separate from cool and comfortable temperatures in our home.