I love scary movies and horror flicks

Last Friday was the 13th, and the movie theater in town decided to show Friday the 13th in the theater.

I called some friends of mine when I heard about the movie showing.

It sounded like a lot of fun and I thought my friends and I could go. The guys agreed that the movie sounded like a lot of fun. We went to grab some dinner before we went to the theater. We had tacos and burritos from a Mexican restaurant close to the theater. We were done with dinner about 15 minutes before the show started. We have plenty of time to find good seats and grab popcorn. Scary movies and horror flicks are absolutely my favorite. I like a good comedy too, but scary movies are the best. My friends and I found seats in the middle of the theater. We had the perfect view of the screen. It was a little warm inside of the theater, but the air conditioner wasn’t running yet. Air conditioner doesn’t usually come on until the lights go off and the curtain opens. When the lights went off and the curtain opened, I didn’t feel any change in the temperature. I squirmed and moved around in my seat for an hour and a half, trying to find a comfortable spot to sit. The warm indoor temperatures made it really difficult to get comfortable and I barely watched any of the movie. I was too concerned with the warm and uncomfortable temperatures to be interested in the movie at all.


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