My favorite place to sit is under the AC vent

One of the best perks of working from home is having a home office that is exactly what I want and where I want.

My home office is in the den and that is the darkest room in the house.

I prefer the dark, because it is a cool place to work. I have my desk situated directly under an AC air vent. I open up the vents so the maximum air is blowing on me at all times. When I am working, I adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature like 68 or 70 degrees. I’m actually thinking about upgrading to a smart thermostat, so I don’t have to manually adjust the temperatures every single day. There are times when I forget and then the air inside of the house becomes warm and humid and I have to get up from my desk to adjust the temperatures. A smart thermostat that would give me lots of options to adjust the temperature without ever leaving the office or even my chair. Since I started working from home, I’ve been able to get a lot more work completed. My boss didn’t want me to work from home, because he was worried that I would not meet deadlines. I haven’t had any problem reaching my quota and everything has been done by Friday, just like it should be. It’s a benefit to work from home for a lot of reasons. The temperature and indoor air quality is only one of the reasons that keep me working at home. Having lunch in my own kitchen is another.

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