The heat pump works better than I could have imagined

The heat pump has more than lived up to the billing as well.

It’s relatively strange when something you’ve dreamed about plus planned for over the decades comes true in time. There aren’t multiple long term scenarios that come true like when you retire. Honestly, I’m just lucky that retirement was still an option with all the financial difficulties we’ve faced over the years. However, leaving the zone controlled HVAC machine of my corner office wasn’t straightforward. While I was gleeful to start the next chapter of my life, it was strenuous to say goodbye to a passion I’d worked at all my adult life. Still, it was time to turn over that corner office to the next person who would get to prefer the most suitable heating plus cooling of that zone controlled HVAC. My fiance was actually the person who unquestionably got it taken care of those last few years prior to me retiring. She called it quits on her work a few years before me plus so she started lining up the current life we would embark upon. Like multiple of our awesome friends, we chose to leave the freezing Wintertime behind plus transfer to the south. I have to admit that I wasn’t upset saying goodbye to the gas furnace plus welcoming the heat pump ato take care of our climate control comfort. The heat pump has more than lived up to the billing as well. That thing seriously is a marvel. We get all the HVAC cooling we need while we were in the 8 months of the year that it’s regularly working. But I was also astonished to see that the heat pump was plenty to take the chill off during a mild Wintertime as well.

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