I get excellent air quality thanks to my HEPA filter

Residing out in the country has typically offered me the sort of essentials that my soul definitely needs.

I was raised in a rural community plus nature was typically a huge section of my game.

So when I took my initial job after university, I had to transfer to the city. I lived in an apartment where I didn’t have much control over the heating plus cooling machine. The neighbors were regularly loud in our building plus I was surrounded by a huge amount of concrete. After several years of this sort of existence, it truly took a toll on me. And I finally had to make my way out of the city. Fortunately, I was able to do work from my own place by then. In my actual field, all I entirely need is a computer plus the internet to do what I do for a living. So this allowed me to ditch that modest Heating plus Air Conditioning for fresh air plus the quiet of a rural sort of life. However, I learned that the air in our residence is not necessarily as unpolluted as I was thinking. This was a fact I learned when I was studying just how to improve my immune health while in the pandemic. I also learned that the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine air filter that I was using wasn’t built to protect or enhance my health. That type of air filter was meant to protect the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine, not me. So the more I was able to learn about indoor air quality, the more it became entirely clear that I needed to make some important swings to the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine. So I substituted the cheap air filters with HEPA filters. They trap plus remove roughly 99 percent of airborne contaminants. The indoor air quality in my residence made significant improvement once I started using a HEPA filter.



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