I use a HEPA filter for nicer air quality

Living out in the country has basically always given me the sort of essentials that my soul needs.

I grew up in a rural community plus so nature was constantly a major section of my game.

So when I took my first job after I was done with college, I had to transport to the city. I lived in a regular apartment where I had not all that much control over the heating plus cooling equipment. The neighbors were especially noisy in our building plus I was surrounded by nothing but concrete. After a number of years of this sort of existence, it definitely took a serious toll on me. And I finally had to get out of the city. I’m glad I was able to get a task working from home by then. In my field, all I definitely need is a tablet plus the internet to do what I do. So this honestly allowed me to ditch that modest Heating plus A/C equipment for fresh air plus the quiet of a rural existence. However, I was able to learn that the air in our property is not necessarily as unpolluted as I thought. This was a fact I came to learn when I was reading just how to improve my immune health during the crisis of the pandemic. I also was able to learn that the Heating plus A/C air filter that I was using wasn’t built to protect or improve my health. That category of air filter was to protect the Heating plus A/C equipment, not me. So the more I managed to learn about indoor air conditions, the more it became severely clear that I needed to make a few swings to the Heating plus A/C equipment. So I replaced the cheap air filters and went for HEPA filters. They trap plus remove some 99 percent of airborne contaminants. The indoor air conditions in my place made significant improvement once I went for the HEPA filter.

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