Happy to house sit for rich Aunt, best HVAC equipment

Whenever I see a missed call on my phone I am filled with anxiety. I hate calling people back and I hate phone calls in general, so I tend to be a bit avoidant and dramatic about the simple act of hitting redial. However, there is one number that I’m always excited to see. My great-aunt is one of my favorite people on Earth and I am always thrilled when she gives me a ring. It’s not very often that we get in touch because she lives such a busy and extravagant life but she doesn’t have too much time for me. Every so often, however, she’ll call me up and ask if I can come house-sit for her. I always leap at the opportunity for a number of reasons. I really love my aunt, but besides that I really love her heating and cooling system. My aunt is extremely successful in her industry and she invested in high quality indoor air temperature control equipment a number of years ago. She outfitted her house with the best heating and cooling devices that money can buy. She also has the heating and cooling company on speed dial so they can come out and make repairs and upgrades at the drop of a hat. Rather than living in a house with conventional forced air furnaces and centralized heating and cooling, my aunt has chosen to utilize the best of the best when it comes to air quality control. She has a home filled with radiant heated floors, air purification devices, and zone controlled temperature management. Staying in her home feels like staying in a five-star hotel thanks to her amazing air quality control system. I’m always happy to help her, and even happier to exploit her amazing indoor air.


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