Splurged on the thermostat

It works perfectly with our Heating and A/C method and even sends us alerts

When our fiance and I bought our home we weren’t too triumphant on the inside. The home had nice bones but was an 76s house. There was wallpaper, brown rug and legitimately cheap hardware all over the locale. After buying a whole home we didn’t genuinely have a bunch of money to use in updates. So I have managed to update the home quite cheaply. I disaffixd the wallpaper and painted all the walls a light gray. I changed the ugly ugly hardware for simple silver handles. The switch plates are no longer plastic but silver. My fiance even ripped up the brown rug and put down a thinner, dark gray rug that looks great. The most valuable touch was genuinely the carpets and adding a up-to-date thermostat. In our hallway I sanded and smoothed the ceiling. I painted the walls gray and our fiance added the rug. I even painted all the doors and added up-to-date knobs. The beige thermostat with the plastic toggle stood out appreciate a sore thumb. It didn’t match time stage wise or color. I found a smart thermostat online for 200 dollars and I bought it. It has a silver surround and green innerface. It looks great in the hallway and super modern. My fiance was able to install it so we saved money on no Heating and A/C corporation. It works perfectly with our Heating and A/C method and even sends us alerts. My fiance now knows when to change the air filter, have energy efficient settings and complications with the air quality. How cool is that?


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