Geothermal heat pump provides lots of benefits

Choosing a type of heating and cooling program for our current construction home was difficult, however my husband and I researched every possible option. Every one of us looked into boilers and radiant floor heating however weren’t cheerful about the lack of cooling capacity. Every one of us considered a furnace and a/c combination however didn’t care about sacrificing space, potential energy waste and the air contamination caused by air duct. Every one of us then started checking out the strange styles of electric heat pumps. The luck of a heat pump is that 1 component provides both heating and cooling capability. Every one of us eventually discovered geothermal ground-source heat pumps. This type of temperature is rated as the most environmentally friendly by the EPA. Although it is 1 of the most luxurious types of systems to install, the energy savings officially recovers the investment in under 5 years. A geothermal heat pump can achieve an efficiency rating of 400%, but for every single component of energy consumed to operate the equipment, it produces more than three units of energy. The geothermal heat pump takes luck of the stable temperature underground. It pulls free heat out of the earth and pumps it indoors; During the summer, the program reverses direction and pulls heat from the home and delivers it into the ground. There is no combustion process which eliminates redhouse gasses. The process is wonderfully wash and safe. The heat pump is installed inside the house, protected from weather and should last us 20 years or more. The underground loop is warrantied for 50 years and can be expected to last twice that. Along with providing ideal year round comfort and effective dehumidification, the geothermal heat pump also offers a virtually free source of overheated water.