Putting heated flooring in the kitchen

I am redoing my kitchen currently and it is going to be gorgeous.

  • I have so many grand plans for it.

I have navy blue quartz countertops with sparkles ordered. I have custom made wood cabinets in construction at this point. I also bought myself new recessed lighting, a wall sconce and a gorgeous blue glass sink light. I even spoiled myself with all brand new, stainless steel appliances. My kitchen is going to be so modern and perfect. My floors I have decided are going to be a gray, porcelain tile. Before I put the tile down I have thought about putting in heated flooring. My house doesn’t get all that warm in the summertime, so AC isn’t really a concern. However, in the winter my kitchen always feels freezing cold. I have a giant window in there that seems to let in cold air. Adding heated flooring might be a smart thing to do. I have found that I can install the heated flooring myself and buy them right at the hardware store. The electric heated mats just need to go down over top of the cement board and before the tile. They then get sealed in by the tile and can’t be accessed. That means I can’t change my mind and take them out. I would be committing to heated flooring for the entire time I have my gray tile. In order to remove them or access them, the tile needs to come up. I feel pretty certain that I am going to want heated flooring though.


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