Can’t think the savings I’m getting from current Heating plus A/C

When the Heating plus A/C serviceman confirmed what I feared about our Heating plus A/C equipment, I was bummed but also sort of cheerful.

We’d had the same Heating plus A/C component for the entire time that we’ve lived in this house. The previous owner put that Heating plus A/C component in this house when she put it on the market. She didn’t cheap out on the heating plus cooling equipment but it wasn’t high end residential Heating plus A/C either. However, all of us made sure that the Heating plus A/C component got the sort of Heating plus A/C service it needed in the fall plus in the Spring. Every one of us did this for a couple of decades. And all of us were rewarded with never having to deal with any sort of air conditioner breakdown at all. But when the Heating plus A/C cooling costs spiked at the end of last summer, I figured the heat pump was at the end. That’s what the Heating plus A/C professional confirmed so all of us started figuring out an Heating plus A/C upgradement plan. But wow, Heating plus A/C technology has really changed over the last 20 years. Every one of us were lucky to have a good Heating plus A/C supplier who could help us figure out what all of us really needed when it came to our heating plus cooling needs. The residential Heating plus A/C that all of us have now is simply stellar. There is a smart temperature control which makes temperature control setting control a breeze. And the SEER rating on the Heating plus A/C equipment is about as high as one can purchase. Still, I was so surprised by how much all of us are saving on heating plus cooling costs. The current Heating plus A/C component is just remarkable when it comes to efficiency.



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