Can’t believe the savings I’m getting from new HVAC

When the HVAC technician confirmed what I feared about our HVAC equipment, I was bummed but also sort of glad.

We’d had the same HVAC unit for the entire time that we’ve lived in this house.

The previous owner put that HVAC unit in this house when he put it on the market. He didn’t cheap out on the heating and cooling equipment but it wasn’t high end residential HVAC either. However, we made sure that the HVAC unit got the sort of HVAC maintenance it needed in the fall and in the spring. We did this for a couple of decades. And we were rewarded with never having to deal with any sort of air conditioning breakdown at all. But when the HVAC cooling costs spiked at the end of last summer, I figured the heat pump was at the end. That’s what the HVAC professional confirmed so we started figuring out an HVAC replacement plan. But wow, HVAC technology has really changed over the last 20 years. We were lucky to have a great HVAC contractor who could help us figure out what we really needed when it came to our heating and cooling needs. The residential HVAC that we have now is simply stellar. There is a smart thermostat which makes thermostat setting control a breeze. And the SEER rating on the HVAC equipment is about as high as one can purchase. Still, I was so surprised by how much we are saving on heating and cooling costs. The new HVAC unit is just remarkable when it comes to efficiency.
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