New house came with some weird HVAC ventilation

I’d never owned my own home and had spent my life in apartments.

So I guess I really didn’t know what to expect when I got my own place with my own residential HVAC.

Even growing up, I lived in an apartment. I’m a city kid who lived in an apartment building with radiant heating and a window air conditioner or two for the summer. That gave way to college where I also had radiant heating for the winter. But there was no HVAC cooling to speak of so it was windows open and fans on. When I got out of my own, I couldn’t afford a house so again, I was in an apartment. This time, it was central air conditioning but it wasn’t the best and I never really had any sort of quality heating and air in the place. So when I finally was able to buy a home, I was thrilled to have it be a new house as well. I bought into a development where I could pick out my floorplan and then wait for the house to be built. I was over the moon with my good fortune. So much so that it took my girlfriend to point out that my HVAC ventilation didn’t make any sense. Indeed, there were air ducts in weird places that simply wasn’t logical. I brought this up with the builder and found out what happened. The HVAC contractor installed the ductwork for a different floorplan inside my house. But all was corrected and I happen to love the quality heating and air in my house even more if that’s possible.

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