Solving indoor allergy problems with air purification

I’m having the best time this spring.

It might have something to do with not falling asleep in my dinner because of all the allergy meds.

Seasonal allergies have always been so tough for me. I get the double whammy as I’m hyper allergic to both tree pollen and grass pollen. But it’s the grass pollen that can really do me in. However this year, thanks to air purification, I have an indoor refuge that is my home. I really didn’t know that this was even possible. Years and years ago, I tried a hypoallergenic air filter for the HVAC. It helped some but I still had to stay all doped up on antihistamines just to get by. That has all changed with the addition of the whole home air purification system we now have. I learned about this air purifier from the HVAC technician when we were just shooting the breeze after HVAC maintenance. I was so intrigued that I went down to talk with the HVAC professionals so more. The whole home air purification system works inside the HVAC equipment. It literally burns up the DNA of all the airborne contaminants using high intensity UV light. It was a bit pricey for my standards but it also seemed like such a no brainer. Man, am I ever thankful to have this sort of air purifier. I had tried an air purifier before but really didn’t like having to move it around my house. And the filter cleaning was a bit of a drag as well. The beauty of the whole home air purification unit is that it simply does it’s thing and I don’t have to worry at all over it.

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