I now have better HVAC equipment

I’ve never known much about heating and cooling, I have had boilers and furnaces in my lifetime, but I never thought much about what the difference between them was.

I’ve always kept it easy and never had any of the costly bells and whistles when it comes to heating and cooling, but as I get older and we don’t have kids in the house, I’ve realized that zone controlled heating would be more efficient because I don’t need to heat the entire home evenly.

I called up a heating and cooling professional and asked a few questions. I have a boiler now, and obviously this is better than a furnace when it comes to zone controlled heating. A furnace uses heated air to distribute heat throughout the house, while a boiler uses heated water. The hydronic plan is better for zones than forced air, so I am blessed to have had a boiler. The HVAC worker was able to set me up with zone controlled heating. He also showed me how I can control the temperature settings for each zone using an app on my PC! Now, I have smart control equipment and all kinds of temperature controls. Not only do I have better heating equipment, but I also have a better understanding of how the heating plan operates.


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