I enrolled in a HVAC training program

When I was growing up, almost everyone made it seem like college was the only option! Even though I wasn’t passionate about college, I went to college because I felt I had to, and I got a generic business degree because I could not decide on a major.

After a few years of now working in an office, I knew that it wasn’t the right path for me.

I was burning out and I still had so many years of work ahead of me. After some reconsideration, I realized that I would do better with hands-on work. A neighbor of mine works as a heating plus A/C worker plus he let me shadow him. I was really interested in the mental work that goes into detecting a complication with a heating or cooling unit. Additionally, I enjoy that you got to actually fix the issue and engage with something hands-on. I took a leap of faith and quit my work. I enrolled in a heating and A/C training program to gain the appropriate certifications. I was able to begin working with my neighbor within a few weeks. I figure down the road, maybe I can use our supplier degree to begin my own heating plus cooling company. It feels so fantastic to have a career path that I am actually passionate about. I am so blissful I took a leap of faith and entered the heating and cooling industry.

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