There is no reason for all this cold air.

All of us had the HVAC system cleaned and evaluated. The air filters were changed, and the HVAC company had sent in a team of professionals to clean, repair, and sanitize our HVAC duct. It didn’t matter what we did, there was still cold air flowing through our house. There was better airflow with the cold air, than there was airflow of the heat coming from the heating system. All of us couldn’t come up with a fantastic reason for all the cold air. All of us finally called the power company and asked for a loss of heat test they were advertising. It took them less than half an hour to tell us we had heat leaking out of the house and to the outside. Since an air exchange situation was created, cold air was coming in where the heat used to be. The suggestions he came up with were easy and inextravagant. He told us we needed to get weatherstripping around the windows and doors. He also suggested that we get fantastic insulated drapes for the wall of windows. In the summertime, the drapes could keep out the solar heating and save our a/c costs. In the winter, the drapes could help to keep the cold out and the heat to stay in the house. Our HVAC system is still like new, and this seemed like a fantastic way to save energy and protect our HVAC system. When we talked to the HVAC company and told them we found our problem, the receptionist asked if we wanted to share the outcome. I told her we had air leaks around the doors and windows.

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