Can I take HVAC classes at the technical school?

Even being a gopher sounded great at that time.

The local technical school was offering summer time classes that would result in a certificate of completion. I wondered if you could take HVAC classes at the technical school. If I could take an HVAC course, I could possibly get my HVAC certification and it would get dad off my back about getting a task. The next morning, I went to the local technical school and asked about the courses they were offering this summer. I wanted to suppose if they also provided HVAC classes? They told me they did offer HVAC classes however they took more than three months. It was a more than five month course and I had to then take a class so I could prepare for the certification exam. If I was lucky and got fantastic grades, I could be provided an apprenticeship with a local HVAC company and get paid while waiting for my certification. They said I would go along with an HVAC dealer on his yearly inspections and repair, and act as his gopher, and get paid to do it. Even being a gopher sounded great at that time. I wasn’t sure what I was going to tell my dad when I got home, because he would surely begin asking what I was wasting my time doing this week. I decided to come out and tell him the truth. I wanted him to suppose I had signed up for classes at the local technical school. Six months from now, I could possibly be an apprentice HVAC dealer and looking at being a full-time professional HVAC dealer.

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