Tell me more about that HVAC class.

My brother came cabin from school, and he was so excited that he almost tripped over mom while trying to hug her.

He was talking so fast that mom grabbed his cheeks and told him to calm down.

He took a deep breath and began to laugh. He told her he had been at the task legitimate this week and he knew exactly what he wanted to do after graduation. I was sure that whatever he came up with was going to have dad miserable. He thought every one of us had to go to school and get a professional task. To him, that meant we had to be doctor’s, lawyer’s, or some other high class task. My brother wanted to be an HVAC dealer. He was telling her about the HVAC dealers who were at the booth. They told him he could come out of school with tools, and an apprenticeship if he did well in school. He was more excited about being an HVAC dealer than I had heard him when he talked about his wifey. I knew he had to go to HVAC school if he wanted. He would make an excellent HVAC dealer since he enjoyed the basement. When mom walked out of the room, I asked him to tell me more about the HVAC school. It sounded interesting to me, and I would be graduating in about several months. I’m not sure why I was thinking about going to HVAC technical school, however it was better than going for hairstyling which is what my mother had chosen for me.


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