I wish the HVAC tech had arrived just several hours earlier.

As soon as I realized there was a problem with the heating system, I called the HVAC corporation.

I didn’t want to tell them it was an emergency, but I knew I didn’t have a lot of time before the heating system died completely.

It was well below freezing, and if the heating system did die, it would not be long before the pipes would begin to freeze. The HVAC dealer was supposed to be at the house by noon, however 12PM came and went. It was nearly 4PM when the heating system quit working, and not long after when the pipes began to freeze. The HVAC dealer showed up about 7PM and by that time, there was frost on the windows and ice forming in the toilet bowls. I had my faucets dripping enough to try to keep the pipes from freezing, however it wasn’t working and I thought it would. When the HVAC dealer arrived, I was sure the pipes had already frozen. He went downstairs to look at the heating system, but I was sure it would not be fantastic news. If he had only showed up several hours earlier, I knew I would not have frozen pipes and I would have a working heating system. When he came back upstairs, the HVAC tech told me the pipes were fine, and it was just a glitch in the system. The heating system was working fine. I upset for almost seven hours as I thought of everything that could go wrong with the heating system. I thought about needing to have new pipes installed, and ecstatic that it wasn’t needed.

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