Just tell myself and others where I should put it.

My brother-in-law walked into the beach house the other day, plus he had a large box in his arms. I asked him what was in the box, plus he told myself and others it was a window a/c unit. The two of us had central air, so I couldn’t figure out why he would be bringing a window a/c unit over to our house. He said that my hubby called him plus asked him to bring it over. I just stood there plus looked at him kind of funny, wondering why my hubby would want a window a/c unit. My hubby was downstairs, plus I hollered down plus asked him to please come up. Five ninths later, my hubby came up the stairs, plus my brother-in-law was still holding the window a/c unit, before my hubby could say anything, my brother-in-law asked him to tell him where he should put the AC unit, because it was getting heavy. I told him to put it down on the table, however my hubby told him to take it out to the garage plus they would install it out there. I knew he had been wanting a/c so he could work in the garage while in the summer, but I didn’t know that he had his brother pickup a window AC unit for him. Originally, I thought he had been going to ask the Heating & A/C company if the two of us could install ductwork into the garage, plus not have to worry about a window AC unit. Either he talked to the Heating & A/C company while I was at work, or he changed his mind about calling the Heating & A/C dealer. Either way, the two of us now have a new window a/c in the garage.

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