My brother is the worst for HVAC perfection.

My brother is constantly updating his HVAC system.

He wants to have perfect air conditioning and heating all the time.

I know that they told us when we had our HVAC system installed, that the average life was 15 years. All because we were told 15 years, the didn’t mean that a year before that anniversary we would have a new HVAC system installed. My brother doesn’t even wait for 15 years. Every 10 years, he has a new air conditioning unit and furnace installed in his house. He said he doesn’t want to take the chance of not having other heating or air conditioning during the year. He feels that it is much less expensive to have new HVAC equipment installed every 10 years than it is to make constant repairs during the last five years of its life. On top of saving the constant repairs, he is also ensuring that they never have to go without their HVAC equipment. Two years ago, he had the air purification system installed. I can understand the air purifier. He chose to have the UV light, HEPA filter, and any other extra that you could put on to the air purifier. This house does smell very fresh and we go inside, and he tells us that even the coronavirus wasn’t able to live in his environment. I guess, it all comes down to personal taste. If he wants to waste money and install a brand-new HVAC system every 10 years, it’s his wallet that’s being used and not mine. I just know that my HVAC system is 10 years old and the HVAC technician says it is still as good as new.



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