I never worry about AC. I have window air conditioners.

Two years ago, we had central air conditioning installed in our home.

Everyone had been telling us that central air conditioning was the perfect solution to keep our home cool.

Even though we had central AC installed, I was hesitant to remove our window air conditioners. I had never thought there was anything wrong with the temperature of our house during the summer. Our window air conditioners seemed to work just fine to keep our house cool and comfortable, and there wasn’t a draft. With our central air conditioning, we seem to have areas where it is very very warm, and other areas where it is cold and drafty. When we first talked about having central AC installed, I told my wife that I thought it was waste of money. She still insisted that central air conditioning would not just make our house more comfortable, but give us some extra bargaining power when or if we ever sold our house. At that point, I didn’t even know we were getting ready to sell our house. When she said that once the kids were grown and out of our house, we may change your mind. That seemed like a logical conclusion, but I still hadn’t been convinced. She had insisted on a central air conditioning, we would still be using window air conditioning. As it is, I never worry about the AC. I still have the window air conditioning units in the windows. Maybe next year, I’ll take the window air conditioning units out of the windows and put them away, but I’ll never get rid of them. I like having a backup in case something happens to the central AC.

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