I’m worried if my air conditioning unit will work this year.

Last year the HVAC technician told my husband and I that our air conditioning unit should be replaced before the next summer season.

The next summer is arriving soon, and I knew we couldn’t afford to purchase a new air conditioning unit.

Instead of telling the HVAC what we were doing, we just ignored them and didn’t even call to make an appointment to have the AC unit serviced. I was so worried that our air conditioning unit wouldn’t make it through the year. What I should have been worried about was if the air conditioning unit would work at all this year. When it came time to turn the AC unit on, nothing happened. We either went without air conditioning all summer long or we sucked it up and called the HVAC company. I asked my husband what he wanted to do, knowing we couldn’t afford a new AC unit. He said we didn’t have a choice but to call the HVAC company. We had a young daughter who was always crawling around, and we couldn’t go without air conditioning. We considered purchasing a couple window AC unit, but we didn’t like the draft they caused. We called the HVAC company and asked if we could get an estimate for a new AC unit, and if they offered payment plans. When the HVAC technician arrived, he inspected the air conditioning unit, and then he looked at the thermostat. He said we lucked out because it was a dead battery in the thermostat that wasn’t allowing our AC unit to turn on.

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