I made my mind up right before the HVAC contractor arrived.

Last week, the HVAC contractor was at our home, and he had given my husband some homework.

  • He wanted us to look at all the options we had in HVAC systems and picked out two that really piqued our interest.

My husband kept vacillating on which two he liked the most, but he couldn’t make a choice. He told me to choose what I liked most, but whenever I gave him an idea, he blew it off with all kinds of ridiculous reasons. We discussed the ductless HVAC system because we didn’t want to take up all our basement and attic space with ductwork. We also discussed having a heat pump installed. The only problem with the heat pump is that we lived in an area that had weeks at a time when the temperature was well below freezing, even during the daytime. The more HVAC systems we discussed, the more scrambled my brain became and the more upset my husband was. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do if we couldn’t make at least one choice in HVAC systems for our home. Right before the HVAC contractor arrived, my husband got home from work. He told me he had been thinking about the heat pump and the ductless HVAC system, while at work. He thought we should go with a boiler system with baseboard blowers for the heating, and window air conditioners. I think this took us back to square one. Ten minutes later, the doorbell was ringing. The HVAC contractor came into the house and asked what we had decided. We both blurted out that we wanted ductless HVAC.


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