A few facts about the smart thermostat

You can select the temperature and if it is going to be on heating or a/c.

I have to really express the fact that I like my smart control unit! When I first bought this smart control unit I did not know what to expect. I did not know if it was going to cause me complications because it is a computer after all, but it did not do any of this. If anything it has been the most convenient thing I ever have bought to run my central heating and a/c proposal unit. The smart control unit can be controlled from virtually anywhere with the nice app that comes with the thing. You can either program the smart control unit to come on and off at particular even temperatures of heating or a/c, but or the other thing you can do is just flip it on and off through the app on your cell iphone while you are on your way home from work or wherever. You can select the temperature and if it is going to be on heating or a/c. The other great thing about the smart control unit is that it is run on regular double A batteries! So when they are dying you can just go to any normal store, spend 10 bucks and have the batteries to upgrade. There is no special ordering or calling the local heating and a/c supplier to upgrade the batteries on your smart control unit. It will also give you a warning when they are running low so you know to go out and buy some if you do not already have some in the house. I really like this smart control unit! HVAC technology is great!


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