How to save money on HVAC units

We have all been programmed or maybe even brainwashed to assume that central heating and air conditioner is the only way to heat and cool a home! This is nonsense! There are other ways to heat and cool your home as well, and other ways that cost a heck of a lot less in energy use, but why keep letting the electric supplier rob you blind of your hard working income when you don’t have to? I will tell you right now a few other ways you can heat and cool your home without all the high energy bills.

The first being the evident, just go back to how it was decades ago.

Get yourself a nice old fashioned furnace or sizzling water boiler to heat your home in those cold winter weeks. This is way cheaper than running the central furnace and jacking up those electric bills. Then in the summer season just go find an old window air conditioner component or a few of them. Get an easily powerful big one for your kitchen and then get smaller ones for your study rooms. This also is a lot cheaper to run, and if you wanted to spend some thousands and make your money back in bill savings, the other way is to buy a ductless mini split air conditioner proposal or two, and then have it converted by your local heat and air conditioner system supplier to also put out heating. This is another way. Though like I said it is pretty lavish just to buy and convert one of these things.

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