Going with another HVAC company

When I needed a new Heating and A/C unit pretty much everyone told me the Heating and A/C contractor to go to was the local one in town.

  • I called them up and made an appointment.

It was a horrible experience, the contractors knew about as much as I did about Heating and A/C. They also tried to install the Heating and A/C device without the cement pad. Have you ever seen a Heating and A/C device just resting on unlevel ground? I told them to go back and get the pad for my Heating and A/C unit. I didn’t want water, dirt and sand rushing to our new unit. I had to watch them every step of the way. They also overcharged me, I felt, then once they were done with the job I never hired them for Heating and A/C maintenance or tune ups! Now my Heating and A/C device needs a little oiling, tightening and lubrication. I decided that I am not going local. I want a real, licensed Heating and A/C business. I started googling and found there are other companies just 30 minutes away from our home. The one contractor is licensed, insured and bonded. The Heating and A/C contractors are NATE-certified. It was wonderful talking to the man on the phone making the appointment, and everything was laid out clearly and completely. I knew how much I was spending before they even turned up. This was a professional contractor and I will be using them again in the future. The people showed up on time, cleaned up their debris and really knew about heating and cooling systems. They did everything right.

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