I hate this cold spot in the kitchen

I hate this cold spot that developed in our kitchen plus I don’t think where it is coming from. It’s the single most annoying thing that you can imagine, especially when I try to task in the kitchen in the middle of the night, but usually, our kitchen is the quietest area in our house. My husband plus our boys tend to keep to the other part of the house, plus so when I am finally working in the daytime, I slip into the kitchen so that I can get some peace plus quiet. It’s also where the gas log fireplace is so if it gets drafty plus cold, I just turn on the fireplace plus I usually sit there to get toasty while I am trying to get through all of our video calls plus meetings while in the day. However, recently there has been this terrible cold spot that keeps popping up in the kitchen. I did some learning about cold spots plus I found that occasionally it means that there is an issue with your ventilation system. Apparently, if you need more current HVAC duct sealant in your air ducts and vents, you might end up with a cold spot here plus there throughout your house. I am wondering if that isn’t what happened here at our house. The cold spot in the kitchen is the only place that there is an issue at all. Maybe there are cracks or holes in the HVAC ducts someplace in the kitchen. Whatever the reason, I have to get it fixed because I cannot task in the kitchen anymore now that there is this massive cold spot in there. I just cannot get warm.
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