Don’t let bad HVAC keep you from fitness

I really am surprised by how much I like feeling good these days.

When I was fat and out of shape, I really didn’t think it was all that bas as I put another ring ding in my mouth.

But now that I’m not inside the air conditioning of my living room glued to the couch, there is a definite difference. Like, I’m just more comfortable or something. Getting to this point has not been like falling off a log. I’ve really had to change my life. Like I actually stand up in the zone controlled HVAC of the office these days while I work. There’s one of these desktop thing that I can raise up. It’s really pretty cool. I get out of the air conditioning at work during lunch to take a stroll. And I workout most evenings when I get home. That is a very far cry from pounding a foot long and a sixer. Yet, I ran into a problem at first with the working out. Turns out, I’m just not that much of a gym guy really. Working out with a bunch of people I don’t know is not appealing. Plus, I just hated the HVAC cooling in that place. It was never, ever enough to reduce the heat and humidity level in that place. So I put in a home gym down in the basement. I even had the HVAC company come out to install a ductless HVAC unit so I’ll always have the most excellent HVAC cooling. Yea these day, I’m spending time in the air conditioning at home still. It’s just I moved from the couch to the home gym.


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