Do the right thing by your HVAC equipment

I always marveled at just how my old man seemed to get through life almost effortlessly.

Of course, he worked hard and dealt with all sorts of issues but you never would have known it to be around him.

That man was almost the same whether he was relaxing in the air conditioning or trying to teach me how to drive. He was just the very essence of unflappable. Toward the end of his life, I asked him just how he was always so at ease. His answer sort of surprised me. First, he said that he learned right away not to take himself or life too dang seriously. It was just life after all and control over life was illusory. But he said that he also put the effort into being prepared and taking care of what took care of him. That still resonates with me today. Take the HVAC equipment for example. I have plenty of buddies who just take heating and cooling for granted. When something is wrong they simply pay the HVAC company. For me, I take care of what takes care of me so I take care of the HVAC equipment. Every single month, I change the air filter. And I make sure the HVAC equipment gets the seasonal HVAC maintenance it needs when it needs it. Paying attention to the HVAC equipment all these years has kept us with the quality heating and air that we expect but don’t take for granted. I’m getting ready to replace the HVAC equipment in my house this spring. And in 24 years, my HVAC unit has not broken down once. I take care of what takes care of me.



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